Cleaning Up After The Holidays

Box of unwanted items

While the days leading up to Christmas often are among the busiest for retailers, arguably the busiest day of the season is Dec. 26. Not only are people looking for after-Christmas shopping bargains – they also are eager to return unwanted items given just the day before.

In an ideal world, gift givers would provide recipients with a gift receipt, which would make gift returns easier; however, not all gift givers think to do so. Continue reading

Think Summer is the Best Time to Travel?

Happy senior couple enjoying a winter getaway

When summertime rolls around each year, it seems everyone is planning a vacation. According to the U.S. Travel Association, the majority of Americans who take a vacation do so during the summer months. But for people who live in a climate where snow and relentless cold are part of the equation, planning a winter getaway may actually be a better alternative.

Seniors – even those living on a fixed income – are able to enjoy a winter getaway if they choose the right location. Continue reading

Budgeting for a Fixed Income

Budgeting a fixed income

Most seniors have a fixed monthly income. Money may be coming from a pension, social security, or disability, and although it may not seem like a ton, there are ways to budget and make a fixed income work to your advantage. One major plus for someone on a fixed income is that they know exactly how much money is available each month; they don’t have to worry about not getting enough hours at work or losing a job. For most seniors, money comes in on the same date each month, which is great, because there’s no surprise as to when money will be replenished. Continue reading

Take Time to Preserve the Holidays

preserving family memory

Holidays are among the most celebrated family moments of the year, providing an opportunity for loved ones who may not see each other frequently to spend time together.

As we age, every day – especially the holidays – become even more precious to us. We want to hold onto the good memories and moments as long as possible. The holidays are the perfect time to preserve precious moments with loved ones in a variety of ways. Continue reading

When Holiday Blues Replace the Silver and Gold

Senior with holiday blues

For weeks leading up to the major holiday season, we are inundated with images, songs and holiday decorations suggesting that we should be filled with the “holiday spirit.” But for some people, the holidays are not merry and bright – they are a struggle.

According to AARP, 6.5 million older adults struggle with depression, with fewer than 10 percent of those receiving treatment for the condition. Depression not only causes people to feel sad. It also can affect health in other ways, including increasing the risk of stroke. Continue reading

Don’t Stress Over Holiday Gift-Giving

gift of conference presentation

The holidays can be a stressful time for many reasons, including when it comes time to figure out what kind of gifts to buy for friends and family.

If someone on your holiday shopping list is thinking about downsizing – or has an aging parent who may need to downsize – consider giving a download of the conference presentation explaining the process. This holiday season, Upside of Downsizing is offering 30 percent off on its DVD collection that is designed to help people gain freedom through downsizing. Continue reading

Holiday Family Time Opportunity

woman talking with aging parent

The end of November starts the annual holiday season, with families gathering first for Thanksgiving celebration, and again in December for Christmas and Hanukkah and other year-end holidays.

For some families, it is one of the few times during the year they are able to spend with aging parents. If those parents are still living at home alone, the holidays can be a time to not only get together and share a meal and some memories, but also a time to assess whether it’s time for mom and dad to get a little assistance. Continue reading

The Downsizing House Blues

downsizing grieving process

A house is more than just four walls. Our homes hold memories of our lives, and it can seem like walking away from those memories when the time comes to sell.

Downsizing can be a difficult process for many reasons, but the grief associated with selling a longtime home is at the top of that list. Perhaps you are among the homeowners who designed and built their home, pouring a lot of time and energy into the process. Selling it, regardless of how much profit you make, can seem like a betrayal. Continue reading

Downsize While Maintaining Control

Items a property manager handle

Many seniors and boomers put off the decision to downsize because they want to keep their current home. It’s not that they’re necessarily interested in living in their current home, but do not see the benefit in selling it at the time.

Perhaps one of their children would like to live in the home, but is unable at this time to afford to pay the property taxes, utilities and maintenance fees associated with owning a home. The market also is favoring buyers instead of sellers at this time, so some home owners wish to hold onto their homes until the market is more favorable to them as sellers. Continue reading

Don’t Let an Oversized Home Drown Your Retirement Dreams

Happy senior couple planning retirement travel

Ever dreamed of traveling the world, visiting places you never had the time – or the money – to visit when you were younger? Many people enjoy retirement travel once the kids are out of the house and the rigors of a daily job are no longer an issue.

But if you own a home, there still is a stumbling block to any adventurous plans you may have for your golden years. Houses require a lot of work, especially if you plan to leave them for an extended period of time. Who will mow the grass or shovel the snow? Who will make sure the windows and doors remain secure in your absence? If a pipe bursts while you’re away, who will clean up the mess and call a plumber for repairs? There’s little doubt about it. Leaving behind a home to travel can be a huge pain. Continue reading