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Want to Help Shape the Golden Years?

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Seniors and boomers are among the most valuable – and fastest-growing – segment of our population.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging, there presently are 46.2 million people age 65 or older living the in U.S., representing 14.5 percent of the population. By 2060, it is estimated that the number of seniors living in the U.S. will more than double.

As more members of the population continue to age into the golden years, their needs also will continue to increase. Among the most common needs of the aging is the transition from single-family homes to retirement communities or other housing options designed to accommodate their specific needs.

When the time comes to help them downsize and shape the next phase of their lives, the professionals at the Upside of Downsizing® provide the tips and tools to make the transition to a healthier and more manageable living environment a success. Continue reading