Home Upgrades Guarantee a Return on Investment

home upgrades

So you’ve finally made the decision to downsize. As part of the process, you have to get your existing home ready to sell.

If you’re like most people, you’ve lived in your current home for awhile, which probably means it is in need of updating and/or repairs. But if you’re like many Boomers and seniors, your income is limited, so spending tens of thousands of dollars on repairs and upgrades is not in the budget. So how can you attract buyers and earn enough money to hopefully fund your retirement? Continue reading


Just a Little Forgetful…or is it Something Else?

Forgetful man on a park bench

Have you ever walked into a room, only to find yourself standing there, trying desperately to remember why it was that you walked into the room in the first place?

Everyone has had moments such as these; however, when the moments become more commonplace and you find yourself forgetting more than just why you walked into a room, it may be time to consider that it’s more than just forgetfulness. Continue reading


Don’t Fall Victim to Common Scams Targeting Seniors

common senior scams

Today’s seniors and boomers were raised during a time when they were taught to be polite and trusting. Sadly, con artists tend to prey on those who are too trusting, thereby making the senior population a prime target for scams and fraud.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not only is this age group more likely to be a victim of fraud – they also are less likely to report it . Some do not know how to report it and to whom, while others are embarrassed that friends and family will find out they were scammed. Continue reading


Right Time to Sell

Senior couple choose to sell their home

Housing makes up roughly 30 percent of a budget for retirees, which is why many seniors and boomers choose to sell an existing property as part of the downsizing process.  By moving to a smaller home, a retirement community or a senior-housing complex, they are better able to fund their retirement without breaking the bank.

Home stagers and real estate professionals can assist seniors and boomers with the process of preparing their home for the market. But getting the house ready for prospective buyers is just the first step in the process. Knowing when to put a home on the market is a vital piece of the puzzle for seniors and boomers who wish to sell their home quickly. Continue reading