Risking Your Own Health to Care for Others

Frustrated senior couple over being a caregiver

As more Americans insist on aging in place, family members and friends find themselves filling the role of caregiver.

According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, the percentage of caregivers who are caring for those aged 85 or older is 70 percent, with parent care making up the majority of those caregiving situations. Most care recipients – 58 percent – continue to reside in their own homes, with another 20 percent living with their caregiver. Continue reading


Not all Seniors Forced to Sell

happy seniors choosing renting or home sharing

Selling a home to downsize is not always the best option for seniors and boomers.

For some, selling an existing home in order to help fund retirement is a reality. Their home may be too big and too expensive to maintain on their own. For others, the death of a spouse leaves them lonely and concerned for their safety when living alone. Seniors and boomers in those situations absolutely should consider selling and downsizing. Continue reading