Hoarding Tendencies Complicate Downsizing Process

Hoarding - room full of stuff

Blogger’s Note: The following blog post is one in a planned three-part series about hoarding. The posts will explain hoarding, treatment options for hoarders, and offer advice in dealing with hoarding during the downsizing process.

The downsizing process involves weeding out the unwanted and unneeded items in a home in order to make the move to a smaller place. This process can be overwhelming for anyone; however, it is even more challenging for individuals who have a tendency to hoard. Continue reading


Virtual Reality Isn’t Just for Young Adults

Computer image of virtual reality

Most of the time, when virtual reality is being discussed; it is in relation to gaming and recreation. But there are a number of ways to apply the technology that can be of benefit to today’s seniors and boomers.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over a third of adults aged 65 and older fall each year. Some of those falls result in serious injuries and even deaths. In August 2015, biomedical engineers and clinicians from the University of Arizona began developing a virtual reality device that would reduce the risk of falling for seniors and boomers who have balance and mobility difficulties.  The device includes virtual reality balance training games designed to improve balance and coordination. Continue reading


Cleaning Up After The Holidays

Box of unwanted items

While the days leading up to Christmas often are among the busiest for retailers, arguably the busiest day of the season is Dec. 26. Not only are people looking for after-Christmas shopping bargains – they also are eager to return unwanted items given just the day before.

In an ideal world, gift givers would provide recipients with a gift receipt, which would make gift returns easier; however, not all gift givers think to do so. Continue reading


Think Summer is the Best Time to Travel?

Happy senior couple enjoying a winter getaway

When summertime rolls around each year, it seems everyone is planning a vacation. According to the U.S. Travel Association, the majority of Americans who take a vacation do so during the summer months. But for people who live in a climate where snow and relentless cold are part of the equation, planning a winter getaway may actually be a better alternative.

Seniors – even those living on a fixed income – are able to enjoy a winter getaway if they choose the right location. Continue reading