What To Do When Maintaining Your Home Becomes Overwhelming

Senior woman sitting with her daughter - no home maintenance

Running a household is demanding. Even if you don’t have grandchildren, pets, or a spouse to clean up after, simply maintaining the organization and cleanliness of a home can be difficult. Even the most organized home can become challenging to maintain without consistent upkeep, and as you grow older, the physical tasks of home maintenance can become overwhelming. It may be too difficult to mow the lawn, for instance, or give your home a thorough cleaning like you used to due to mobility challenges.  Here’s what to do when maintaining your home simply becomes too overwhelming. Continue reading


2016 Home Sales Expected to Rise

Man calculating increased value of a home

It’s common knowledge among real estate professionals that spring is the best time to buy or sell a home. For buyers, it’s the time of year when higher selling prices are the norm, allowing property owners to capitalize on their home’s overall value; for buyers, it’s the perfect time to find a great selection of homes available on the market.

The National Association of Realtors® is predicting a 3 percent increase in existing-home sales for 2016, which indicates more balance and stability than the real estate market has seen in years.

For seniors and boomers who are downsizing, selling a home is often a vital part of the process. Profits from a home sale can be used to fund retirement, whether that includes living in a small condominium or apartment, moving to a senior living community or traveling the world as a missionary for your favorite charity. Continue reading


Home Sales Hinge on Exterior Appearance

Attractive home with external appeal

One of the busiest – and best – times of the year to sell a home is during what is known as the prime real estate season, which starts in the spring and lasts through the summer months.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, just over half of all homes sold each year are sold during this peak season, which lasts roughly five months. One of the biggest contributing factors to this time of year being the prime home-selling season is because of families with children, who are searching for a home that will allow them to move in before the start of a new school year. Continue reading


Memory Loss Might Not Be Sign of Mental Deterioration

medications may cause memory issure

There are certain things that are inevitable as we age. Our skin wrinkles and sags, we lose bone density and muscle mass and we can begin to develop conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, to name a few.

Mental confusion and forgetfulness also often are associated with the aging process. While some memory issues can be attributed to growing older, it should not immediately be assumed that all issues with memory are due to aging. Alcohol consumption, heavy cigarette smoking, sleep deprivation, extreme stress and even vitamin B12 deficiency can all cause issues with memory and normal brain functioning. Continue reading