One Wedding and A Funeral

Different emotions - downsizing revelation

An Eye-Opening Revelation on Downsizing.

Since 2011, Upside of Downsizing has been helping boomers and seniors gain freedom by downsizing. We have provided helpful ideas and insight about how to make the transition to a healthier and more manageable living environment both smooth and successful.

We impress upon the guests at our conferences the importance of taking the right steps from start to finish and receiving the necessary assistance from reputable professionals to successfully walk them through the process.  Those who have attended our conferences know that Jerry and I also have been through the downsizing process since we started the Upside of Downsizing.

Although we’ve been through the process ourselves, it wasn’t until a recent cross-country trip – perpetuated by the desire to attend a family wedding and ending with a change in plans and return route to attend a family funeral in Colorado – that we experienced an extreme version of the downsizing process. The experience was a real eye-opener for both of us in more ways than one. Continue reading


Burned out on Traditional Exercise?

People doing exercise in a poo;

Get off your Duff and Give These Creative Options a Try!

No matter your age, exercise is proven to be beneficial in many ways. Regular exercise and proper nutrition can help to ward off disease, strengthen the bones and improve balance and flexibility. As we age, these things become more important than ever.

It can be easy to get burned out on exercise if you’ve been doing it for decades. Also, as the body ages, some activities we used to enjoy may become more difficult. But that doesn’t mean we should just sit on the couch and do nothing. There are fun and creative ways seniors and boomers can continue to exercise.

Make a Splash with Water Exercises

Arthritis and joint pain are among the chief complaints of seniors and boomers as they age. When pain in the joints flares up, the last thing seniors want to do is exercise. Certain exercises, however, can be exactly the thing you need to help relieve the pain. Continue reading


Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

woman needing self defense

Self Defense Techniques and Tools for Seniors.

No one likes to think about becoming a victim of crime. But as with anything else, being prepared to handle any situation can go a long way toward prevention.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, individuals aged 18 to 21 are the most likely age group to become victims of violent crime; however, 7 percent of violent crime victims and 12 percent of all homicide victims each year are age 50 and older.

The chance of becoming a victim of violent crime also increases based on where you live. WalletHub, an online financial resource tool, created a 2016 Safest States in America list. WalletHub’s analysts compared key safety metric data among the 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine its list. Safety metrics included number of assaults per capita, unemployment rates and estimated losses from natural disasters. Continue reading


Top Four Issues Affecting Seniors This Election Season

Presidential candidates

Where do the Presidential Candidates Stand?

In a month’s time, we’ll be lining up at the polls, waiting to cast our votes for the person who will lead this country for the next four years.

I think it would be a mild understatement to say that this particular election season has been a bit rough. There has been a divide among the American people that hasn’t been seen in quite some time in this country, which can cloud the entire election process.

In 2016, we have been presented with two presidential candidates who couldn’t be more opposite of one another in the way in which they’ve conducted their public campaigns and in their stances on the vital issues facing this country. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned voter discouraged. Continue reading