Afternoon Presentations

Emotional Challenges
Counselors presentation

The American Dream today is filled with opportunities –freedom, big cars and owning our own home. The American Dream also gives us a sense of meaning and value – an identity.

So what happens when we must cash in that identity and move on toward the next phase of life? It can be a very disorienting situation, evoking a range of emotions that may become counter-productive to the downsizing process.

It is natural to associate a home with a sense of community, familiarity and friendships. Many boomers and seniors view their homes as the heart and soul of their existence, especially if they have raised a family there. This kind of thinking can be counterproductive to the downsizing process.

The counselor navigates through the emotional challenges faced during the downsizing process and offers an explanation of how to process these emotions and provides guidance for overcoming them.

Reducing Risks

Estate Planning Attorney presentation

When it comes to the downsizing process, reducing the risks that often are associated with the process can help to make for a smoother transition.

Making some of the decisions associated with downsizing – including those relating to finances – before the process starts can help alleviate some of this stress.

At every Upside of Downsizing conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about estate planning and its role in the downsizing process from an estate planning attorney. Learn the difference between a living will and a trust, why appointing a power of attorney is a good idea and how to plan for your long-term care should the situation arise.

Many seniors and boomers overlook this crucial component in the downsizing process, and end up regretting it later. Estate planning helps to prevent unfortunate situations such as an adult child inheriting money that should be used for a surviving spouse’s care in a retirement facility. Learn how to safeguard yourself in these kinds of situations.

Conference attendees will gain insight into how to take control of their futures with the necessary components of estate planning. Join us to learn more.

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