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Go the Extra Mile to Protect Your Property

The importance of homeowner insurance

Why Seniors Need Renters or Homeowner Insurance.

As we age, we find ourselves investing in a number of things that provide an extra layer of protection: life insurance, a quality health insurance plan or supplemental insurance to Medicare coverage and even a home alarm system to protect us and our belongings.

But many seniors skip the obvious when it comes to shielding themselves against unexpected expenses – renters or homeowner insurance.

Pros and Cons of Coverage

Whether you own or rent your home, chances are, what would happen if someone was hurt on your property isn’t forefront in your mind. You may think it will never happen to you. And while it is true that not everyone will experience these kinds of unfortunate events in their lifetime, insurance is designed for the “what if” scenarios. Going without adequate coverage is not a gamble that should ever be taken. Continue reading


Spring Into an Exciting Adventure

Senior couple enjoying outdoor activities

Top 5 Fun Activities for Seniors.

Now that the weather is warmer and Spring is in full bloom, the opportunity is ripe for seniors and boomers to brush off the doldrums of the long winter months and engage in some seasonal activities.

For many seniors and boomers, Springtime is a favorite season. There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh, spring air and the warmth of the sun to lighten the spirits. Seniors who may find it difficult to navigate through the harsh conditions associated with the winter months once again will be able to get outside, socialize and enjoy nature.

Springtime also inspires many seniors to become healthier and more active again, and the weather is more amiable to helping them achieve these goals in the spring than the winter.

The following top 10 fun activities can be enjoyed by all seniors and boomers, whether living in a senior retirement community, an assisted living community or with a family member or caregiver

#1 – Enjoy Nature

Springtime is unique in that many things are blooming. The feeling of life being renewed – of seeing the offspring of animals and trees and plants budding with new life – is a fantastic way to boost the spirits. Seniors who live in a retirement community may have convenient access to a walking trail or other outdoor area right on campus. Continue reading


Decorate to Reflect Style, Passion

Decorated living room with beauty and style

Top Tips for a Happier Home.

American businesswoman Iris Apfel viewed personal style as a way to create intrigue, once stating “great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself.”

Style goes beyond the clothes we wear and the hairstyles we choose. Personal style also is reflected in the way in which we choose to decorate our homes, whether we live in 2,500 square-foot house or a one-bedroom high-rise apartment.

The last couple of weeks, we’ve talked about the downsizing process in regards to planning for the move, including tips for self-movers and those who planned to hired professionals to assist. This week, we’re going to explore the idea of decorating your space to reflect your style and your passion. We’ll include ideas from choosing your colors to the placement of furniture and other accessories. Continue reading


Change in Seasons Presents Challenges to Aging in Place

Senior dealing with home maintenance

The Harsh Truth About Seasonal Maintenance and Repairs.

September 22nd brought with it the official end to the summer of 2016. Before we know it, the ground will be covered with falling leaves and the air will be filled with the smells of autumn.

According to, fall is the favorite season for most Americans, ranking slightly higher than summer by those included in the poll. The weather is just right – not too hot, not too cold. In some parts of the country, the changing fall foliage is mesmerizing, with trees bursting into shades of red, orange and yellow.

While fall is full of beauty and wonder, it also can be an incredibly stressful time for seniors and boomers struggling to keep up with the demands of home ownership. Fall is the time of year when seasonal home repairs and routine maintenance are the most demanding in some parts of the country. For some, the demands are not only a drain on the monthly budget, but also can have a negative effect on one’s physical health and well being. Continue reading


Home Sales Hinge on Exterior Appearance

Attractive home with external appeal

One of the busiest – and best – times of the year to sell a home is during what is known as the prime real estate season, which starts in the spring and lasts through the summer months.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, just over half of all homes sold each year are sold during this peak season, which lasts roughly five months. One of the biggest contributing factors to this time of year being the prime home-selling season is because of families with children, who are searching for a home that will allow them to move in before the start of a new school year. Continue reading


Home Upgrades Guarantee a Return on Investment

home upgrades

So you’ve finally made the decision to downsize. As part of the process, you have to get your existing home ready to sell.

If you’re like most people, you’ve lived in your current home for awhile, which probably means it is in need of updating and/or repairs. But if you’re like many Boomers and seniors, your income is limited, so spending tens of thousands of dollars on repairs and upgrades is not in the budget. So how can you attract buyers and earn enough money to hopefully fund your retirement? Continue reading