Final Presentation

Maximize Your Space
Founders final presentation

Downsizing can be an arduous process, not just physically, but emotionally. And while it may, at times, seem impossible to reduce your living space and still enjoy a full and meaningful life, it absolutely can be done.

At every Upside of Downsizing Conference, Mary Spann – Founder and President of the Upside of Downsizing – shares the secrets of how she and her husband, Jerry, reduced their living space by more than 60 percent and still could meet all of their needs. Mary doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to downsizing; she is living proof that when done correctly, it can be a liberating experience.

It can be natural to associate our homes with a sense of community, familiarity and friendships. Memories built and items we’ve collected over the years can form an emotional attachment that can be difficult to break.

Join Mary as she provides valuable insight into the process of letting go of material things without losing the memories associated with them; how to use rooms for multiple purposes; choosing the right furniture for smaller spaces; maximizing closet and cabinet space; and how entertaining is still possible.

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