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Real Estate presentationReal Estate Stategies for Optimum Profit

The current state of the real estate market plays a large role in the downsizing process, especially for those who must sell a home before they can fund their retirement. Unfortunately, for some seniors and boomers, their home is a major source of equity, and selling it is the first step in affording a move to a retirement community or other retirement destination.

Finding the right Realtor to help downsizers prepare their homes for a competitive market is an important step in the downsizing process.

Every Upside of Downsizing Conference includes a session with a real estate professional, who discusses the current status of the real estate market, new technology used by the real estate industry to help market homes, ideal times of year to place your home on the market for maximum profit potential, and improvements that can and should be made to boost the value of your home.

Gain valuable insight and advice about using services such as home staging, and which renovations offer the most return on investment. The risks and rewards of selling a home in today’s market also are discussed.

Staging Your Home For Market Success

Decorated living room using a home stager

A common part of the downsizing process includes preparing an existing home for sale and placing it on the market. According to the National Association of Realtors®, home staging is a valuable tool for sellers who wish to sell their home quickly while increasing its overall value.

The presentation offers an in-depth look at how home staging can help make your home more attractive to buyers. By enhancing the exterior of your home and placing the right amount of furnishings and accessories in appropriate rooms will help make the home look more attractive, organized and spacious, as well as provide a warm and inviting environment to prospective buyers.

The home stager addresses the three mistakes commonly made during the selling process: trying to sell an empty house, trying to sell a house with too few items or trying to sell a house with too many things. The presentation walks viewers through each of these scenarios, explains the impact they can have on a home’s selling potential and offers solutions.

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