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Top Websites for the Over 50 Crowd.

As many seniors and boomers can attest, getting online can be a rewarding experience. You can meet new friends on websites made just for our age group, reconnect with old friends and family members on social media and find resources for planning a winter getaway to some place tropical.

But using the Internet also can be bit frustrating for seniors and boomers who aren’t as experienced in using it and are trying to sort out credible sites from those that may rip them off. Unfortunately, there is a lot of cyber crime, and it can be very easy to get taken advantage of at any age.

To help our readers navigate – and enjoy – the Internet, we have grouped reliable, reputable websites into categories most important to seniors and boomers as they  navigate through the golden years.

Category #1 – Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Seniors and boomers who are interested in finding what they need – without wading through pages and pages of hits generated by a search engine – need not look any further than the AARP’s website.

As of the writing of this article, the AARP boasts more than 37 million members.

The AARP is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that was created to help those 50 and older to meet their current and upcoming needs. This includes retirement planning, healthcare insurance and job security. AARP members also are eligible to receive a multitude of discounts on a variety of products and services, including car insurance and travel discounts for everything from hotel rooms to reduced-cost airfare.

AARP’s website also provides access to other reputable sites and programs, so seniors can feel assured that any information they find on the site is reliable and safe for use.

Another valuable site to bookmark is the Administration on Aging.  A division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Administration on Aging is a wealth of information on everything from senior programs to elder care rights information and resources.

Category #2 – Financial Resources

One of the top concerns for seniors – aside from adequate access to affordable and reliable healthcare services – is the ability to protect their financial future. Where can you find information about how to invest wisely, protect the wealth you already have or even to write a business plan for a new start-up venture you’ve always wanted to try?

One of the best websites out there is The Money Alert. It provides informational articles about a variety of financial issues important to the over-50 crowd.

Other financially-focused websites we like include:

Interested in finding a new job or starting your own business? One of the best job-hunting websites for those over 50 is Work Force 50. The site offers practical advice and links to some employers who aren’t afraid to invest in the experience and work ethic those over 50 bring to the table.

Just want to learn more about financial matters? Coursera is a great website that allows users to find college courses online for free, including those focused on financial careers.

Category #3 – Matters of the Heart

Dating can be scary at any age, but even more so if you’ve found yourself newly single in your 50s and beyond.  It may sound surprising, but people over the age of 50 are the fastest-growing segment of online daters.

While online dating can be the best way to find a compatible partner, it also can be a scary way to try to find someone if you rely on less-than-reputable dating sites. But the good news is there are some online dating sites that can be trusted.

One of the most trusted websites – which already has been named here – is the AARP. This senior-focused nonprofit also has its own dating website called HowAboutWe. This online dating site is geared toward the 50-plus dating scene.

Another dating website designed for seniors is called OurTime. The sites boasts 1.4 million mature subscribers in search of that special someone. While it lacks some of the fancier features of other online dating websites, its straight-forward design may appeal to those who are interested in finding others who match their personality style and basic interests.

One last site that is geared toward seniors and boomers is SeniorPeopleMeet. It has a lot of fancy features that the previous sites mentioned here do not have, so seniors who would like more tools to use in their search for that special someone will want to give this website a go.

Category #4 – Travel

One of the most desirable things to do in retirement is travel. But figuring out what to do and how to work it into your budget can be a challenge without some guidance.

Donna and Alan Hull – a writer and photographer, husband-and-wife team – travel the world and record their experiences with photos, blog posts and videos. Since 2008, they have trekked to domestic and international destinations and shared their adventures on their website, My Itchy Travel Feet.

Thinking about visiting a particular place but not sure if you’d like it? Stop by the Itchy Travel Feet website and see if the locale you’re interested in is a place where the Hulls have visited. Want to travel but not sure where to go? The website is great for giving seniors ideas.

In addition to sharing valuable information on destinations, the site also provides advice about travel gear for seniors and cost-effective ways to explore some of the coolest destinations in the world.

Category #5 – Staying Fit and Active

As we age, keeping our bodies and our minds healthy is a top priority. But as with anything else, there are a lot of fads out there, and not all are worthy of our time or attention. There are some websites that provide reliable access and information on the best health advice around.

The latest news and tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle beyond age 50 can be found on HuffPost Health Post 50.

Keeping your body in shape isn’t the only priority as we age. A healthy mind is as equally important. Posit Science is the brilliant mind behind BrainHQ, one of the best brain-training websites available today. The brain exercises on the website were designed by a top team of neuroscientists and are guaranteed to produce real and lasting improvements in brain functioning, including improving memory and attention.

Category #6 – Just for Fun

There are a lot of sites out there designed to help make the senior years fun for a variety of reasons. Some of our favorites include:

  • Senior Planet – this website was launched in 2006 and promises to help boomers live age with attitude. Check them out for everything from healthy aging to dating and travel advice.
  • Day One Stories – this website was created by Prudential and includes stories, photos and videos of those who have retired with their reflections of what it’s like to be retiree on day one of the experience.
  • Fab Over Fifty – this website is geared toward women over 50 who want to look and feel fabulous for every step of their golden years journey.
  • Everything Zoomer – this site features everything from breaking news to comprehensive reporting and social networking that is of interest to the boomer generation.

Have a website you find helpful? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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