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Emotional Challenges DVD




The American Dream today is filled with opportunities –freedom, big cars and owning our own home. The American Dream also gives us a sense of meaning and value – an identity.

So what happens when we must cash in that identity and move on toward the next phase of life? It can be a very disorienting situation, evoking a range of emotions that may become counter-productive to the downsizing process.

It is natural to associate a home with a sense of community, familiarity and friendships. Many Boomers and Seniors view their homes as the heart and soul of their existence, especially if they have raised a family there. This kind of thinking can be counterproductive to the downsizing process.

In this exciting video – one in a series available from Upside of Downsizing® – join Shemaya Blauer, a counselor and geriatric care manager, as she navigates through the emotional challenges faced during the downsizing process. She offers an explanation of how to process these emotions and provides guidance for overcoming them.

The complete Upside of Downsizing® presentation, which includes information about home staging, an assessment of the current real estate market from a real estate broker and the role of counselors and geriatric care managers, is available here.

Total run time is 17:11

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