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The current state of the real estate market plays a large role in the downsizing process, especially for those who must sell a home before they can proceed.

In this exciting video – one in series available from Upside of Downsizing® – John Blom, managing broker for The Hasson Company’s Vancouver office, will provide an inside look at the state of the real estate market and what that signals for those in the process of downsizing. A significant portion of Blom’s business comes from retirees moving to SW Washington from Oregon and California. He has closed over $35 million in residential real estate in the last five years.

The video features Blom’s presentation to a packed audience at the 2015 Upside of Downsizing® Conference in Vancouver. In addition to the current status of the real estate market, Blom also discusses new technology used by the real estate industry to help market homes. Blom candidly discusses the risks and rewards of selling a home in today’s market.

The complete Upside of Downsizing® presentation, which includes information about home staging, preparing a living will or trust and the role of counselors and geriatric care managers, is available here.

Total run time is 22:31

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