Conference 2015
Reducing Risks DVD




When it comes to the downsizing process, reducing the risks that often are associated with the process can help to make for a smoother transition.

Making some of the decisions associated with downsizing – including those relating to finances – before the process starts can help alleviate some of this stress.

In this exciting video – one in a series available from Upside of Downsizing® –John Boylston, an estate planning attorney with Myatt and Bell P.C., talks about estate planning and its role in the downsizing process. Learn the difference between a living will and a trust, why appointing a power of attorney is a good idea and how to plan for your long-term care should the situation arise.

The complete Upside of Downsizing® presentation, which includes information about home staging, the status of the real estate market and the role of counselors and geriatric care managers, is available here.

Total run time is 19:02

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