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Listings include the following information: company name, contact name, address with Google map feature, phone numbers, website address, email contact form, up to 500 word description, the option to include a video, and up to 10 photos (includes company logo). In addition, you have the opportunity to insert up to 5 PDF attachments such as an event announcement, mission statement, industry or company policy, price sheet, etc. There is a maximum of 5000 KB per attachment. You retain control over your listing, and easily can make changes by logging into your account. By listing your company in the directory, you can submit educational articles written by you or your company for consideration for our monthly newsletter. The articles must be of interest to 50 plus year olds and not include any promotional verbiage; however, your name, logo, company name, phone number, email and website addresses can be included. It's another effective way to promote your company and to provide educational information to others. The Resource Directory is promoted through our sales team, social media posts, paid advertising, blogs, newsletters, professional memberships in organizations, Upside of Downsizing conferences, and SEO efforts. Listing your company in the directory costs just $189 for 12 months. NOTE: WHEN COMPLETING THE APPLICATION, LEAVE THE REGION SELECTION ON 'SELECT A REGION' IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR REGION LISTED. THE INFORMATION WILL BE MANUALLY ADDED BY OUR TECHNICIAN.
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