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Improving the Quality of life
 without the right tools for the job is like a fish trying to swim out of water. At the Upside of Downsizing, we provide helpful ideas and insight about achieving a happy and healthy life balance, which includes connecting people with reputable professionals who can guide them in their journey.

The National Resource Directory was designed for individuals age 50 and over, both married and single, who are exploring resource options for themselves, their parents or clients.

This Free Service is provided as a courtesy of the Upside of Downsizing. We are not affiliated with any of the companies or organizations listed in our Resource Directory and we do not promote any one company or organization above another. We endeavor to ensure that our listings are transparent with no hidden agenda, so you can be certain that you’re getting the best bias-free information.

We Encourage Individuals who use a provider from the Resource Directory to provide a review, outlining their experience. Reviews will be published as part of the directory and will be available and accessible to those who are using the directory.