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The Tiny House Trend

A tiny house near a mountain lake

Is it Ideal for Seniors?

Over the last seven years, we have shared our expertise on the downsizing process with boomers and seniors through conferences, blogs and other online resources. We have offered ideas and insight on making a successful transition into a healthier and more manageable living environment, and our eight-step checklist to downsizing successfully and profitably.

When talking about downsizing, we have explored a variety of options. From condominiums and senior retirement communities, to recreational vehicles (RVs) and even boats, we have discussed the pros and cons of each.

Another downsizing option that has been trending in the United States since 1997 is known as the tiny house movement. It was made popular by Sarah Susanka with the publication of her book, The Not So Big House. As early as the 1970s, tiny house pioneers were touting the benefits of downsizing. And now, seniors and boomers are discovering the joys of tiny-house living. Continue reading


Best Places to Age in Grace

Athens, Georgia - Sean Pavone - Retirement destination options

Tips for Selecting a Retirement Destination.

There are a number of things we must consider when planning for our retirement. Among the most important considerations is our debt obligations, whether we have saved enough to retire comfortably and where we intend to live out our golden years.

While many seniors and boomers downsize in retirement, they tend to focus on the design of the home or the amenities of a retirement community, rather than the location. Failing to consider the location in which you plan to spend your retirement years can end up costing you more in your retirement savings than you had anticipated spending.

Finding a senior-friendly city and state is a crucial component to retirement. Not only will it mean an easier time finding the services you need, but it also will guarantee that your retirement savings will stretch further. There are a number of cost-effective cities, including some where you can live for as little as $100 per day.

Newspapers, magazines and online resources that focus on retirees have all taken a stab at compiling lists of the best places for seniors and boomers to retire. We’ve examined many of those reports, and have compiled our list of the top places for seniors to age in grace. Continue reading


When Size Matters

Senior living community

Tips for Choosing a Senior Living Community.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, retirement is defined as the act of withdrawing, going away, retreating.

When it comes to the modern definition of retirement – that glorious age where we can shed the 9 to 5 work responsibilities and live our lives to the fullest – some of those words in the traditional definition may apply.

Many seniors and boomers, who have been gainfully employed their entire lives, withdraw from the workforce to spend more time with their families, hobbies and other activities. Some choose to “go away” on trips they’ve always wanted to take, but never had the time to enjoy while working and raising a family. And many retirees “retreat” to senior living communities, where they can engage socially with others their age and get assistance, as needed, as they age.

Retirement communities can be a fabulous experience for seniors and boomers. In previous blogs, we’ve explored the benefits of choosing to downsize and move into a retirement community. To recap, the benefits of choosing a retirement community are numerous: save money on living expenses; save time on household chores; opportunity for social interaction and group social activities; on-site skilled care if needed. Continue reading


There is No Need to Manage the Maze Alone

using a placement agency

Top Tips for using Placement Agencies.

In August 2015, we blogged about care managers and their role in assisting seniors and boomers as they navigate through the maze of downsizing options. Care managers, who also are referred to as case managers and are coordinators, are professionals who specialize in providing a number of services related to the downsizing process.

Care managers can be extremely helpful; however, their services are not free. Sometimes, Medicaid or Medicare will pay for a case manager’s services, but most often, they do not. It is more likely that the client will pay out of pocket for the services, which can range in cost. Some care managers charge a flat fee for their services, while others charge an hourly rate.

Another option for seniors and boomers who need assistance is a placement agency.

Knowing When to Downsize

Before we discuss the details of what a placement agency is and how to select a reputable one to work with, a quick refresher on knowing when to downsize is in order. Continue reading


Sail Smoothly Into Retirement

Senior couple enjoying retirement cruise

Retire to a Life on the High Seas!

In several of our previous blog posts, we have explored a variety of options for lifestyle choices once the downsizing process is complete.  There are retirement communities, retirement condominiums and even the possibility of life on the road when downsizing to a Recreational Vehicle (RV).

But what about life on the high seas?

For many retirees, the option exists to live anywhere in the world. You’ve worked hard your entire life, and want to enjoy the Golden Years. We discussed how living full time in an RV is a great option for retirees who want to see the country and who do not feel the need to tie themselves down to any particular location for a long period of time. A similar adventure can be had on the water, sailing from port to port, experiencing a variety of cultures and places. Continue reading


When Downsizing, One Size Does Not Fit All

Man pleased with downsizing to a motorhome

Put Your Downsizing Dream on Wheels.

There is little doubt that downsizing from a large home to an apartment or senior living community can be a challenge, especially when it comes to reducing the amount of belongings we own in order to successfully make the move. For some people, the bigger the home, the more items they have to recycle, donate or discard as part of the process.

It can be even more challenging to downsize when the choice being made for your future living quarters is even smaller than the typical senior apartment. But for some people, the dream of selling most of what they own and moving into a recreational vehicle (RV) is part of the downsizing process.

While it’s not a traditional choice when downsizing, the most recent U.S. Census estimates place the number of U.S. residents living full-time in an RV at 1 million. A total of 8 million Americans reported owning an RV. Continue reading


What To Do When Maintaining Your Home Becomes Overwhelming

Senior woman sitting with her daughter - no home maintenance

Running a household is demanding. Even if you don’t have grandchildren, pets, or a spouse to clean up after, simply maintaining the organization and cleanliness of a home can be difficult. Even the most organized home can become challenging to maintain without consistent upkeep, and as you grow older, the physical tasks of home maintenance can become overwhelming. It may be too difficult to mow the lawn, for instance, or give your home a thorough cleaning like you used to due to mobility challenges.  Here’s what to do when maintaining your home simply becomes too overwhelming. Continue reading


What’s it Really Like to Live in a Senior Living Community?

life in a senior community

It is one of the greatest fears of seniors and boomers – leaving their homes and moving to a senior living community. Among other things, they fear a loss of independence, a loss of social opportunities and a loss of overall living space.

These are some of the myths that have surrounded senior living communities for a long time, and can impede the downsizing process. But the reality of what seniors and boomers will find in these communities is quite different. Let’s explore some of the common misconceptions associated with this downsizing option. Continue reading


Holiday Family Time Opportunity

woman talking with aging parent

The end of November starts the annual holiday season, with families gathering first for Thanksgiving celebration, and again in December for Christmas and Hanukkah and other year-end holidays.

For some families, it is one of the few times during the year they are able to spend with aging parents. If those parents are still living at home alone, the holidays can be a time to not only get together and share a meal and some memories, but also a time to assess whether it’s time for mom and dad to get a little assistance. Continue reading


Care Managers Help Navigate the Maze of Downsizing Options

Care managers consult with a senior

Downsizing can be a lot to manage on your own, and it is easy to become overwhelmed with the entire process. That is where a case manager may be able to help. Sometimes called care managers and care coordinators, these professionals specialize in providing a number of services designed to aid individuals and families facing complicated situations such as downsizing. They will work with you to help identify goals, needs and resources in the most cost-effective manner possible. Continue reading


Aging in Place Not Always Best Option for the Golden Years

aging in place options

According to the AARP, most Americans over the age of 50 would prefer to “age in place.” In numerous studies conducted by the association, those surveyed indicated their desire to remain in their homes through the end stage of life. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as the “ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age, income or ability level.”

There is no shortage of vendors willing to help those who wish to age in place, including custom home builders and home-care providers with services designed to be delivered to your doorstep. Continue reading