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Loved One Being Manipulated by Senior Scammers?

Be aware of senior scammers

Know the Warning Signs and Solutions.

These days, it seems like there is a new scam hitting the streets almost daily.

Many of us probably have gotten the purported calls from the “IRS,” claiming we owe immediate back taxes or the county sheriff will be coming to arrest us. There also are the home repair and maintenance senior scammers, who are particularly fond of targeting seniors and boomers. And unfortunately, there also are certain individuals who pretend to be a trusted friend and advisor, but end up cheating seniors and boomers out of their savings or more.

It can be hard for even the savviest of consumers to realize when they are being set up, but even more so for the boomers and traditionalists generations. Boomers include those born between 1946 and 1964, while traditionalists are those born in 1945 or earlier. Traditionalists, in particular, are scammed more easily due to their trusting nature. Traditionalists were raised during a time when trusting your neighbor and sharing what you had with others was a common value. It can be difficult for that generation to get out of the habit of helping others, even when the people they think they are helping are not worthy of their “help.” Continue reading